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Local Guides

Azmari Bet

In Ethiopian culture, an “azmari bet”, literally meaning the House of the Azmari, is a place where people come to listen and enjoy the traditional music. The Azmari are famous for their sense of humour and the perceptiveness of the songs they improvise about their customers, or about social and political subjects.


Cultural Restaurants

Traditional restaurants accompanies the meal with wonderful traditional music performances, as well as beautiful traditional dancing, promoting the Ethiopian culture and traditions. The dances and performances showcase the different ethnic groups found in Ethiopia. 


Ethiopian Restaurants

From hole-in-the-wall places to high-end restaurants, we have all the local Ethiopian places covered. These restaurants are local favourites and the food reminisces home cooking.  


Kitfo bet

Kitfo, a dish made from raw minced beef, is one of the most beloved local dishes in the entire country. It’s a food that’s often eaten on special occasions, with good friends or family.

You can either order leb leb, which is very slightly cooked, or the normal kitfo which is completely raw. The minced meat is mixed with mitmita, a blend of spices, and niter kibbeh, the Ethiopian herbed butter, and that’s it. The meat is served with injera.


Tej Bet

Although plenty of watering holes around Addis serve the murky, thick honey wine known as “tej” (tej bet = wine house), our list of tej places are well known in the city and local favourites.


Terey Sega Bet

Despite there being plenty of vegetarian food available in Ethiopia, if you’re a meat lover, many Ethiopians are also in love with meat.

Walking along the streets of Addis Ababa, you’ll get whiffs of freshly butchered meat, hanging in the open air butchery ready to be sliced off and served by the chunk.

Step into a butcher and you can order a straight up hunk of raw beef served with a dipping sauce, but I especially liked roasted meat, known as derek tibs. You can normally choose between beef or goat, and the meat is sliced up into pieces, fried with butter, and served inside a flaming hot ceramic dish.