The Ethiopian Eat List

Addis Ababa’s top ten local delights that every foodie should most definitely savour. (Scroll down for list).

1. Kikil

This popular broth is traditionally made with mutton by slowly simmering the meat for at least 6 hours.

Enjoy at: Yod Abyssinia Cultural Restaurant

Chechnya District

2. Shekla Tibs

Shekla tibs is usually served at butchery restaurants. The beef cubes are deep fried in beef lard and come sizzling in a clay dish with hot charcoal underneath. Enjoy this tender and juicy chunks of meat by dipping them in awaze or horseradish sauce.

Enjoy at: Frank Addis

Bole Road

3. Chechebsa

A traditional Ethiopian breakfast available at most cafes and restaurants, chechebsa is a thin layer of flat bread cut up in small pieces and marinated in Ethiopian butter and spices. Pair your chechebsa with scrambled eggs and yogurt, which you can drizzle with honey and wash down with kerefa shai, (Ethiopian spiced tea).

Enjoy at: Yeshi Bunna

Chechnya District

4. Deep Fried Tilapia

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Popular during fasting season, tilapia is usually made by deep frying the whole fish. A good plate of tilapia is not just fresh and flavourful, but also accompanied by tasty chilli paste.

Enjoy at: Sinkinesh Grill

Bole Road

5. Tegabino Shiro

A thick chickpea stew made with lots of spices, this vegan comfort food is loved by Ethiopians from all walks of life.

Allergy Caution: Some places might add ground peanuts to the spice mix.

Enjoy at: Azmera Shiro

Bole Road

6. Dulet


Made with lamb meat, liver and tripe, this flagship delicacy of Ethiopia is loved by locals and eaten for breakfast or lunch, soon after the lamb is butchered. Eaten raw, lightly cooked or well done, this dish comes with a combination of dried red chilli peppers, cloves, ginger, and allspice.

Enjoy at: Oxygen Bar and Restaurant

Bole Road, behind Sheger Building

7. Gomen Be Siga

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Gomen is the Ethiopian version of collard greens, siga means beef, so gomen be siga is collard greens with beef. This dish bathes tender short ribs in hot, earthy and sour broth. Like everything else in the country, is eaten along with injera.

Enjoy at: Mesrak Ber

Bole Road

8. Shiro Fitfit


If you threw back one too many drinks the night before, Shiro fitfit is the ultimate hangover cure. This refreshing vegan dish is made with injera bits soaked in chickpea powder and spices with ice on top for extra hydration.

Enjoy at: Kategna

Bole Road

9. Gored Gored

Raw meat is considered a delicious delicacy by many in Ethiopia. If you are adventurous, try this dish made with lightly seared beef cubes smothered in awaze and clarified butter.

Enjoy at: Dashen Traditional Restaurant


10. Tsom Bayenetu

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What makes Ethiopian food perfect for vegans is that there’s always a “fasting” (or animal-free) option: Many Ethiopians are Orthodox Christians and traditionally eat vegan on Wednesdays and Fridays, and other days equaling to almost 6 months of the year. Bayenetu is a colorful platter consisting of different types of vegan dishes such as legumes, stews and veggies. Try it out at the scenic and historic hotel in Piassa.


Enjoy at: Taitu Hotel


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